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Do you want to look great this summer? 
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Welcome Bodies Plastic Surgery Center, the perfect choice for exceptional high quality aesthetic and reconstructive surgery as well as outstanding patient care.
I will provide you with my artful vision for aesthetics coupled with more than 15 years of experience as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, to deliver the body of your dreams.
One of the reasons I became a Doctor, is because I wanted to help people. Plastic Surgery, be it aesthetic or reconstructive, sometimes is necessary to regain self esteem which plays a very important role in the patients.
Rhinoplasy can change ones appearance to enhance, breast augmentation or reconstruction is sometimes necessary to boost appearance. When severe obesity weight loss occours, the final chapter in that massive weight loss journey is when all the extra sagging skin is removed when I perform a full Body Lift. Women recover from child bearing quickly, but after 2 or 3 children, the abdominal walls end up devastated and there is a need to reconstruct the abdominal muscles and remove excess sagging skin. When we couple an abdominoplasty with a breast lift on the same surgery, we complete a full mommy makeover. If you need face surgery such as a neck lift, brow lift, full face lift or rhinoplasty, I can assure you, that we have the best quality, facilities, prices and patient care. So go ahead, browse thru our website, check out the procedures I perform and don't forget to check out my before and after gallery. Give me a call or drop send me a message, I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Gustavo Yañez M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

1(619)564-4456 or dial direct into Mexico dial 011-52-664-635-1843

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"How to look great this summer"
"How to look great this summer"
"How to look great this summer"
"How to look great this summer"

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